Our inspiration to get started! The Economics of Food...

We constantly talk about food prices increasing and having a lack of trust with produce found in large grocery stores. We find most grocery stores offer two options to consumers:

  1. You pay an arm or a leg for organic, because let's be honest here, wages are not rising as fast as living costs!

  2. You buy the tomato that came from half way across the world and for some reason is weirdly large, doesn't have too much flavour and never goes bad. Which makes me think, what am I eating?

This sparked an interesting problem that most people probably wonder! We all know that because produce is expensive, eating healthy can get expensive too! So, why is produce expensive? How come there isn't a better solution out there?

To start - why is produce expensive?

Here is a quick summary of some reason why we're seeing produce price go up:

  • When it comes to traditional farming produce crop yields are unpredictable, which is really basic economics of supply and demand. So what happens when yields are low? Crop prices go up and the consumer will take on the cost! Farmers who are trying their best to maintain a high yield, will look towards pesticides to protect their crop and ultimately try and meet consumer demand.

  • Traditional farming is losing talent! As generations go by, people are moving away from farming and moving into service sectors as careers. With less farmers, ultimately we will see a drop in crop yield. Also to mention - to start a career in farming it can be capital intensive.

  • With globalization, increase in accessibility and lack of crop diversity from weather conditions in Canada, consumers look to and can expect imports to satisfy cravings for exotic produce!

  • With urbanization (and most of the Canadian population living in urban areas), Canadians depend on local and imported produce to shipped to their local grocery store.

With all this technology, why isn't there a better solution to help with stabilizing prices for organic produce?

Well, turns out there is! Anam and I started to research different methodologies to grow sustainable produce in urban areas. Which lead to experiments on testing different methods to grow produce locally! Because we both love food, we selfishly also had to make sure the produce was tasty.

Now we're keen on educating and partnering with different businesses that are community driven to adopt the same lifestyle while maintaining or growing economic output. 


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