Adapting the way we grow in our community.

Over the past few months, we watched the negative economic impact of COVID-19 cause families in our community to make decisions between eating healthy or paying for rent. In our community, there are market gardens that can offer affordable food but there is more demand than there is supply! We saw this as an opportunity to help our community. And so we decided to create_ Project 4000.

What is Project 4000?

One of our valued pillars, Community, is to work with citizen scientists to change the way we grow today. We have decided to challenge ourselves and our community of citizen scientists to help the Working Centre grow at least an additional 4000 servings of produce a month.

How will we make that happen?

Step 1_ Building our team and partners

This project for The Working Centre’s Hacienda Market Garden will be built in collaboration with Brilliant Photonics, Maison Verte, The Hacienda Sarria & community volunteers. Our team is a group of experts and multi-disciplinaries including engineers, horticulturalists, scientists and product managers.

Step 2_ Design and build

Using two -20ft shipping containers donated to us by the Hacienda Sierra, we will create a design plan for the crop, insulation and specialty grow lights created by Brilliant Photonics, and PVC wall panels donated by Trusscore. Once our design is complete, our build will start! We plan to build out a MVP for growing seedlings in a controlled environment.

Step 3_ Analyze and optimize

Once our Minimal Viable Product is up and running, we will continuously collect, monitor and analyze data for improvements. Our continuous improvements will allow us to transition from seedlings to high yield leafy greens and strawberries, which we will plan to distribute during colder months.

What can I expect as an outcome?

As a community we will benefit from this opportunity. These outcomes and benefits include_

  • At minimum an additional 4000 servings of greens per month

  • An opportunity for a new job to be created

  • An additional minimum of $6000 in profit per month for The Working Centre to reinvest into their services

  • The Hacienda Market Garden will be able to extend their growing season beyond warmer months

  • The Hacienda Market Garden will be able to offer more affordable produce through their CSAs to more people within the community

  • The education and research can be shared amongst the community through workshops


Follow our journey.

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