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Maison Verte has developed a specialized set of workshops for Businesses, Organization and other Small Groups. Browse our selection of virtual workshop & program offerings to see what might fit your needs and interests. The information below will give you an idea of what an online course course for your group or team can look like.


Workshop Services


These virtual workshops offer general knowledge on sustainable practices within food systems. We have a catalog of workshops to select from, including: Microgreen 101, Introduction to Food Waste Reduction and Introduction to Propagation.

What to expect:
*Facilitated up to 1 hour virtual workshop
*Hands on component
*Material shipped to participants
*Q&A period
*Workshop handbook & resources


These workshops are tailored to your organization’s specific sustainable food security goals. These workshops are designed after a collaboration session is held, where we discover the priorities of the organization.

What to expect:
*Facilitate up to 4 hour workshop (virtual or in-person)
*Pre-workshop collaboration session to customize content in relation to the organization
*Hands on component
*Material shipped to participants
*Q&A period, Email access for follow up
*Workshop handbook & resources
*Pre & Post Event survey for participant follow up


If your organization would like a workshop curated and scheduled in under 40 days - please connect with us and we will determine which express options are available at this time.

Standard Workshop Offerings:

Microgreen 101

Participants will be introduced to growing their own food through this hands-on workshop. Once you have mastered the basics, you will be able to grow your own microgreens regardless of seasons from the comfort of your kitchen. This an excellent way to get healthier and support a 100-mile diet. We will introduce microgreens, microgreen nutrition, safe harvesting practices and demonstrate how to grow microgreens at home.

This team bonding diet-inclusive workshop includes grow-at-home kits for participants and recommended for all ages.

Backyard Crop Planning

This workshop will prepare you to kick-start your summer vegetable garden. In this workshop we introduce companion planting based on your growing environment. There will be a hands-on component where you will get to design your own summer garden.

Food Waste Reduction

Food waste is growing concern in Canada. This workshop will take you through the journey of reducing food waste at home. We have a step-by-step guide which starts with immediate steps to take to reduce food waste to learning about preservation and food shelf life.

Indoor Herbs & Propagation

This workshop will introduce you growing in an indoor environment. We will teach the difference between indoor and outdoor growing. There is a hands on component where participants grow herbs in containers and as well propagate herbs for multiple batches. This team bonding diet-inclusive workshop includes grow-at-home kits for participants and recommended for all ages.

Critical Thinking: History of Canadian Agriculture

Introduction to the history of Canadian agriculture and its environment and social impact. This workshop introduces you to food sovereignty, food systems and equity. We will provide exercises and discussion that will challenge your thinking of food systems.

Happy customers

I have worked with Maison Verte for multiple workshops and have found their team to be professional, punctual and collaborate. They bring such great knowledge to the table and workshops are always a positive and valuable experience. A great local business and team! Highly recommend checking them out and taking a workshop or two.

Nicole Pin - Registered Dietitian : University of Waterloo

I've hosted several workshops with Maison Verte and have really appreciated their enthusiasm, creativity, and knowledge on food sustainability. I've learned a lot from working with Anam and Divya, and can't wait for more collaborations in the future! Highly recommend taking a workshop with Maison Verte :)

Andrea Bale - Sustainability Engagement Coordinator : University of Waterloo

Maison Verte makes it easy for anyone to understand the value of food and sustainability. I attended one of their first workshops on how to grow your own food at home. It was so easy to follow their tips and tricks! I love that MV is community-minded and committed to education. Their passion and energy are infectious. I highly recommend checking out what they have to offer!

Paula Parekh : Workshop Attendee

We had a great workshop with Anam and Divya who were not only prepared and professional but kept everyone engaged with activities to reinforce the teaching! Cant wait for the next workshop!

Nargis Naqvi - Founder : MY Voice Canada